Morgan Stanley analysts predict an imminent recession and inventory crisis in the US stock market

The bank recently sold all the junk bonds, and chief information officer Mike Wilson said, "although the United States

has just enacted tax cuts may lead to better growth in the short term, but they may also bring the market - we usually see the degree of credit market in the stock market before the economy before the recession." So, "we have recently reduced our remaining high income position to zero, because we are prepared for the deterioration of the low quality revenue in the United States.

"he said,"

should investors this year global equities at least for their own positions make an adjustment."


now this is happening, because the bubble continues to pressure in the global scope, market manipulation is inevitable.

although everything seems to be very good, but we see a lot of uneducated investors crazy into the market, we have seen in the crash occurred before too many times.

people into scattered assets such as bitcoin and other encryption currency and gold and silver. This is a sign of a coming storm as personal needs move towards freedom and away from centralized manipulation.

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