Founded in 2017, DAYTOKENS is a full-scale block chain advisory platform, providing cross platform, all media, exhibition, training, incubation space and angel fund to all sectors of the industry.

Products and services

DAYTOKENS media platform

The whole platform block chain information service website, including the matrix block chain industry data list, research report, Daytokens, in a professional perspective on the block chain related information and experience, capital and talent, and product, to explore a new generation of business leaders and to provide comprehensive service to them.

COINXSQL  ("coinXSQL ") is a world - oriented block chain industry large data production through the media, science and economics professional web site.

The whole platform block chain large data matrix including website, block chain industry data, market data, white stack, currency data, ICO database, tool database and so on. The main technology is NLP+AI+DATA aggregation.

The big bear looks at the coin circle

The big bear watch the currency circle, adhering to the purpose of unique view, deep analysis and high-quality content, seeks new commercial value between video and media and humanities, and persists in interpreting the media from a humanistic perspective.

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Advertising business cooperative E-mail: ace@daytokens.com

The editorial department receives the submission E-mail: ppx@daytokens.com