Block chain technology or general data protection standards that are not in line with the European Union

According to thenextweb news, the EU General Data Protection Act (GDPR) will come into effect in a few months. The bill shows that in many cases, people must be able to request their personal data to be corrected or deleted. However, the essence of block chain is to share past activity records, and its data are distributed on many computers. The transaction chain (or other information fragments) of the whole process is virtually unchanged. Therefore, the block chain projects involving personal data storage will be difficult to integrate with the EU general data protection law. View original []
2018-03-27 11:33:00

The Swiss “encrypted Valley” card tries to coordinate the relationship between the government and the encrypted money market

According to foreign media, the "encrypted Valley" of Zug, Switzerland, is now working to coordinate the government's fears of a lack of regulatory oversight in the encrypted currency industry. Zug hopes that through government supervision departments and actively coordinate the relationship between local companies have settled, attract more crypto currency companies settled, exempt from all of the regulatory pressure concerns, Zug is still gathered one of the best encryption currency.
2018-03-27 11:14:00

The national mutual gold Committee and the Ministry of mutual gold Safety Technology Key Laboratory Open mutual gold open class on knowledge chain block

Recently, the national mutual gold Committee and the Ministry of mutual gold Safety Technology Key Laboratory opened mutual gold open class financial security assistant APP, the contents of the course include the Internet Finance and block chain related knowledge. Mutual gold open course content consists of two aspects, one is knowledge of Internet banking, including many areas of finance, science and technology education of the investors, asset allocation and national policy; the two is on the cutting edge of technology, mainly focus on the block chain related basic knowledge, including many aspects of smart contracts, lightning network, cryptography etc..
2018-03-27 10:47:00

Bitcoin fell to 8000 dollars

According to the data, the global average price of bitcoin is $8107.93, a decline to 5.42%. View original []
2018-03-27 10:44:00

Wang Yongli, vice president of the Bank of China: the block chain technology has many very good models

Today the 2018 Straits financial forum, around the "financial development" and "application block chain technology innovation scene" two themes, China Bank of former vice president Wang Yongli spoke: financial innovation in the field of science and technology, especially the development of block chain technology can not be limited in the bitcoin blockchain technology paradigm, there are a lot of very good to use encryption mode, more intelligent, a variety of combinations of the contract.
2018-03-27 10:35:00

Baseball card auction accepts bitcoin payment

Evan Mathis has been a striker for 13 seasons in the United States National Rugby League (NFL) and will auction Topps Mickey Mantle in 1952. This card is one of six cards named "Mint9" and is usually mistaken for the New York Yankees' new show card. The Heritage Auction Co, who is in charge of the auction, estimates that the card is worth $3 million 500 thousand. The seller said the auction was paid by the bitcoin.
2018-03-27 10:34:00

Block chain group application for revocation petition

The block chain group (00364:HK) has announced that the parties have applied for the cancellation of petition to the court through the consent of summons by the agreement of the company and the petitioner, and the high court has made the order to cancel the petition today. At present, the share price of the block chain group is 0.233 Hong Kong dollars.
2018-03-27 10:28:00

Gao Xiqing: we should be careful about the block chain

The day before, Tsinghua University professor Gao Xiqing guest Chinese Financial Museum Foshan branch college reading, he said that for the block chain should be treated with care. In order to ensure the healthy development of the industry, we should embrace the block chain, define the block chain and regulate the block chain. Besides, block chain, besides digital money, is being applied to technology innovation, intellectual property, public welfare and so on. It will bring great changes to people's lives in the future. This is exciting.
2018-03-27 10:24:00

Nvidia rating downgrade affected by the impact of the bit continent

According to CNBC reports, Susquehanna graphics processor (GPU) manufacturer Nvidia rating from neutral down to negative, and reduced AMD stock valuation, the reason is the competition and mining company, formed a bit.
2018-03-27 10:02:00

Black Diamond auction NetEase planet will open in March 27th

The evening of March 26th, the number of public NetEase planet WeChat news release, March 27th -30, the NetEase will host a planet auction for 4 days, a variety of prizes available to the user "black diamond" auction offered by us. It is revealed that the "auction" will be officially started at 10 a.m. on March 27th and will be sold for 1 hours for each item. Bidding commodities, mainly by the NetEase strict selection, NetEase Kola shopping, NetEase taste central, NetEase cloud music, and other products to provide.
2018-03-27 09:29:00


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